Welcome to the European-Mediterranean region of the ICCS!

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

Dear Friends,

Welcome to the Official Website of the International Catholic Conference of Scouting, Europe-Mediterranean Region [ICCS-EM].

This website has been developed in the aim of keeping you informed about ICCS news and events on different levels. It is also an interactive means of sharing amongst associations and members where you can interconnect, exchange views, download documents and reports, register to activities, etc.

While surfing the website, you will find:

- News about ICCS in the World and in the Euro-Med Region
- Information about our activities
- Details about member associations and people in scouting
- Pedagogical and spiritual tools
- Official documents and reports

I invite you to register as users by creating an account and completing the registration form. As registered members you will have access to our forum, apply to activities and get in touch with other members.

This website is maintained and managed by volunteers; we strive to keep it in constant development and we count on your feedback to improve it where needed; please do not hesitate to communicate your comments and observations in this respect.

I welcome you, once again, and hope you find your web tour interesting and beneficial.

Enjoy your visit and stay in touch!


For the ICCS-EM Committee

Antoine Maksoud

[Regional Secretary]

Übersetzungs-Anmerkung: The Englisch version of this content is being displayed because the Deutsch translation is unavailable.