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The International Catholic Conference of Scouting

The International Catholic Conference of Scouting, (ICCS), was established in 1962, and has a membership of 60 national organisations in all five continents. Catholic Associations as such, or Catholic Advisory Councils, Fora or Committees belonging to multi-denominational Scout Associations, can join ICCS, but the National Association to which they belong must first be recognised by WOSM and receive the approval of the Church authorities in the country of the association.

The International Catholic Conference of Scouting is a private inter-national association of the faithful, with juridical personality, according to canons 298-311 and 321-329 of the Code of Canon Law.

The ICCS maintains relationships with the Pontifical Council for the Laity for all Pastoral matters and, as part of the World Organization of the Scouting Movement, maintain continuous relationships with the Secretariat of State of the Vatican, in relation to all matters concerning the presence and activity in the International Organisations.

The work of ICCS is based on the fundamental principles contained in the Catholic Scouts' Charter approved by the Holy See, which forms an integral part of these Statutes and respects the World Constitution of the Scout Movement and the pastoral structure of the Catholic Church.

The main benchmarks for everything that ICCS does are the World Constitution of the Scout Movement and the Scouts' Catholic Charter which was approved by the Holy See in 1977. At the international level, ICCS is the institutional linkage or hinge between Scouting and the Catholic Church.

In World Scouting, ICCS has been given the status of a consultative body by the World Committee. Within the Catholic Church it has the approval of the Holy See and the status of a Catholic International Organisation (CIO). ICCS actively cooperates with the Pontifical Council for the Laity and the CIO Conference.

The ICCS provides the opportunity for its members to meet together as friends, and for Catholic Scout leaders and officials to share their experiences as providers of an educational service from the viewpoint of the Catholic faith. It is also a Church experience in the communitarian sense of the term.

It is also a representative organisation with links to the Roman Catholic Church and the World Scout Movement. This requires the Conference to foster contacts and relations with a variety of different national and international institutions.

The ICCS is often consulted when problem situations arise, such as when member organisations do not fully appreciate their rights and duties towards the movement or towards their local Church, at the National level.

ICCS is not empowered to take up any position or take part in the decision making processes of the Associations, but can offer assistance and facilitate development programmes for education in the faith and respect for different religious views and practices.

The World headquarters of the ICCS is located in Rome.