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Membership of ICCS

The conference consists of Member organisation and Observer member Organisation.

Member Organisations may be:

  • a) Catholic Scout Associations, recognised by the Church, in a National Scout Federation, and which are members of the World Organisation of the Scout Movement.
  • b) Catholic Organizations within a Scout Association (Catholic Council, Guild or any group or forum of Catholic Scouts within a Scout Association), itself a member of WOSM, and recognised by that Association and by the local Catholic hierarchy.

Observer Member Organizations may be:

  • c) Any Scout organization belonging to WOSM that wishes to be associated with ICCS but does not wish to fulfil the criteria required for full membership may apply for Observer Member status.

In the event that a member organisation ceases its relationship with the WOSM the Steering Committee of ICCS may decide and inform the ICCS World Council that a Member Organisation that has been suspended by WOSM be temporarily considered as an Observer Member. Full membership can be restored only when relationships with WOSM are re-established.