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Lent 2017

28. February 2017

Dear Friends in Scouting and Guiding,


As a Lent tradition, ICCG-E together with ICCS-EM prepared for you online meditations and activities for your own personal meditation as well as a tool for your Scouts and Guides.


Similar to the Advent, for the Lent we decided to continue with the Words from Mark´s Evangelium: “On that day when evening came, he said to them, “Let us go over to the other side.” (MK4:35).” In the context of the Evangelium, it was meant going to the other side of the lake by boat. In those days it was more common to use the boat for passing to the other side of the river or lake; but today is it more common to use bridges. The bridge is also used as a symbol of coming to something new, from darkness to the light, from war to peace…


To the 2017 Lent theme - as represented by Mark´s Evangelium - we would like to connect also the two ideas from ICCG-E and ICCS-EM work which are focused on Peacemaking on the ICCG-E side and on Building Bridges on ICCS-EM side. In the meditations and activities we are connecting and reflecting these two subjects especially with Friday’s Evangelium.


Blessed Lenten Period!


Petra Adamuskova, ICCG-E 

Antoine Maksoud, ICCG-EM