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The Regional Council

The following shall be members of the Regional Council:

  • • Representative of ICCS member organisations in the E M Region – (preferably those at the highest level or their commissioned deputies).
    • The members of the Regional Committee

The following have a right to attend ex officio the meetings of the Regional Council:

  • • The Secretary General of the ICCS
  • • The World Chaplain of the ICCS
  • • A delegate from the European Scout Regional Committee of the WOSM


The functions of the Regional Council are to:

  • • determine the program of activities for the Region.
  • • elect the Regional Secretary / Chairperson
  • • elect the members of the regional committee.
  • • approve the report of the regional secretary / chairperson.
  • • approve the regional accounts and budgets.
  • • discuss motions, resolutions and / or recommendations, recommendations presented by the members of the Regional Council.
  • • Voting on motions, resolutions and recommendations presented at Coucil meetings
  • • decide on the advisability of organising a Regional Seminar / Council meeting .
  • • establish working groups on topics of specific interest.
  • • review proposals put by member associations or other interested bodies.
  • • establish the rules of procedure for the region and to propose modifications in case of necessity.
  • • propose to the regional Secretary the names of associations who are willing and available to host and organise a regional meetings: for example the Annual Seminar Council meeting and / or committee meetings.